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Ray Davies



The Deal

I’m going to L.A.
Check into a quiet, groovy hotel
Get myself a tan
By the sleepy pool
Meet a pretty girl
Walk her down the strip
And chill out in a bar

Then I will rent a car
An open-top Mustang
To cruise around the beach
And I’ll check out all the babes
While the sun goes down
By then I will be ready
To party and act cool

When I’m emotionally refreshed
Relaxed and confident
I’ll hit Rodeo Drive
And drink a cappuccino
And depending how I feel
I’ll grab a piece of action
At the Beverly Hills
And get myself a deal

Isn’t it wonderful, marvelous?
Utterly surreal
Totally fabulous, fraudulent
Bogus and unreal
This is my lucky day
I’ll travel to L.A.
And get myself a deal

Today I’m a bullshit millionaire
As good as anyone
Better than I was
In dreary Angleterre
Real but disillusioned
Travelling on the tube
Riding on a bus

Now I’m full of self-belief
Pretend to be somebody
While the credit’s good
I will rent a mansion
Somewhere in Bel Air
Confidence a-bounding

It’ll be wonderful marvelous
Feeling really fake
Feeling so fabulous fraudulent
A counterfeit on the make
Today I’m gonna get my break

Go to L.A. strike myself a deal and be
Part of the American dream
(What’s the deal? Yeah What’s the deal Ray?)
The deal is…